Anselmo has given itself the mission of being the reference supplier for the most important dry pasta producers in the world by supplying plants that are capable of producing pasta with the highest quality levels obtainable on the market.
Together with this main objective, Anselmo's plants must also generate maximum added value for their customers thanks to the continual improvement of the investment/production output ratio, and the reduction of operating and maintenance costs and energy consumption.
ANSELMO's production activity is divided into two separate property units:
The plant (1) represents the historical nucleus of the activity, covers a total surface area of 15,000 square meters (5,000 of which is covered). Underwent subsequent extensions over the years to deal with the increasing production demands coming from the increase in sales. The current structure accommodates both production department and offices.
Inside this one, it settled all staff in charge of technical, commercial and administrative aspects.
The office building is perfectly integrated with the production areas and allows the technicians to directly follow all the manufacturing phases, resolve problems that may emerge during the production phases, immediately make any design modifications necessary and put them into production immediately.
The technical office plays a prominent role inside the Company Organization; the design activities are concerning mechanical, thermal, hydraulic electric and software part.
The productive divisions which are in this unit are related to iron carpentry, stainless steel processing area (in which there is a specific zone for material laser cutting), painting department, thermal components division and, finally the area for mechanical processing (for chips removing) and for presswork.
The whole plant has an extremely functional structure. All the areas which are involved in the production process are directly interconnected to each others, in order to allow a components linear flow and to converge in the central area of semi-processed products shipping. After this stage, the same products will reach the assembling or stocking and shipping to the secondary site area.

The plant (2) is righ the headquarters (1). It's a newly constructed building, long for more than 90 meters for 4.000 square meters on a total surface area of 8.500 square meter, where machines/lines - which need a mechanical functional test (for good assembling running and "blank test") - are pre-assembled. The electric and internal thermo-hydraulic parts are assembled in this phase, which saves installation and inspection time at the Customer's factory.
Part of the building spaces have been reserved to a structured and modern central warehouse whose completeness and organisation allow to rapidly intervene to solve problems relating to machine stops both on plants built by ANSELMO and on Braibanti plants. Finally, there is an area for the electrical panel boards development, which have been designed by the technical office.
The surrounding external area has, moreover, wide spaces for manoeuvre, in order to make easier the goods loading and unloading operations.
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As with many other Italian companies, ours started with a family and a strong passion: the family of the Anselmo brothers and the passion for mechanics applied to pasta making.
In 1978, Giovanni Anselmo was a maintenance manager in a pasta factory when he decided to set up his own company to provide maintenance services to pasta factories in Italy and abroad.
The idea was to offer solutions not only to restore the original operating conditions lost over time due to wear or obsolete components, but also to improve the performance of existing lines, with structural interventions on the "weakest" components or devices.
This is how, during the first 20 years of activity, Anselmo learned about the manufacturing features and technology of pasta making systems . During that period, he also experimented innovative solutions on existing systems (especially Braibanti systems) to improve their performance.
The company’s mission to “provide Clients with the highest added value” was created during that period and has not changed ever since. It has simply adjusted to the new challenges that Anselmo has had to face, such as starting to manufacture new systems at the end of the ‘90s, according to the philosophy of Braibanti (leading manufacturer who was leaving the market in those years).
This philosophy is very simple: manufacturing super reliable systems to make pasta of the highest quality already after a few minutes from their commissioning, where the actual output is higher than the nominal one guaranteed by contract. Systems that are maintenance-free for the first 10 years and ensure lower energy consumption than those manufactured by the competition. All this at a competitive price compared to the most qualified competitors.
All these features make Anselmo systems the most reliable in the industry, ensuring high profitability given the same capital invested.
Anselmo’s success lies in the high quality of the Service provided with the systems, before sales (project analysis and quotation), during the installation of the systems, and after their inspection.
This is the result of an approach that revolves around Customer Satisfaction. Anselmo was founded as a Service provider and has never forgotten its origins and the deep meaning of the word Service . Quite the contrary, it has turned it into its competitive advantage and the foundation of the relationship with every Customer.
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